New Year… New Gym Membership Survival Guide!

So 2016 is literally just around the corner and you’ve decided to go all out and buy gym membership. I want to tell you what you have to overcome in order for the term ‘New Year, New Me’ to actually happen this time.

First things first… Decide what you want before you even buy membership. Do you want to lose the pooch you developed over the silly season, do you want to get the toned beach bod you’ve always dreamed of or do you want to change your lifestyle for the better? After you’ve decided your reason for buying membership, make sure this is something that is important to you. Visualize what you could have and hey-presto! you’re now going to the gym with a goal.

Do not enter the gym without a plan. Now I know what you’re thinking… ‘I don’t need a plan to go on the treadmill!’. Well I am an avid hater of all things cardio so please STEP AWAY FROM THE TREADMILL!! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you abandon cardio altogether. Lots of gyms provide basic programmes to their members free of charge. If not, there is normally staff in the gym who you can ask. Don’t let them intimidate you, they tend to be very helpful.

So this leads me to the myth that women will become men if they lift weights. I’d like to see you try. Lifting weights is definitely the best thing you can do for so many reasons. You become toned and strong, you notice changes quicker and you are less likely to be bright red and dripping with sweat. Personally I think lifting weights makes you feel sexier… Aha! Now I have your attention. Yes you will feel sexier. Skinny girls look good in clothes but fit girls look good naked! or so they say. But don’t be scared by the changes, my traps developed quickly at the start and it almost scared me away from the gym. This was silly because the I was the only person who thought they looked massive. I remember going to the hairdressers and her saying my shoulders were perfect to hang any dress from. I sat looking in the mirror and though ‘Hell ya my shoulders look strong and toned!’

Don’t let yourself be intimidated. The gym can be a very intimidating place. I know in the gym I go to it can be.  It’s like one end is for ‘women’ with a mat, light weights and lots of machines for cardio, and the other is for ‘men’ with heavy weights, squat racks and scary looking mental everywhere. Please don’t get put off by what I call the ‘guys’ end of the gym. The gym alone is an intimidating place, so I’d advise you bring a gym buddy. Even if you don’t do the same exercises or have the same goals, it’s the moral support of not being in this sweaty mental jungle on your own. It’s also more motivating for you to go with someone else.

Keep at it! This is definitely the hardest part. I know in the beginning it was for me. Schedule it as part of your day. Because you are worth it!



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