Semester Two.. let’s be havin’ ya!

Semester two we meet at last. It’s an unusual limbo feeling. It’s the last semester of final year and you’re mad to be out of college. Yet on the other hand you never really want to leave this chapter of your life, as for most of us these past few years will be fondly remembered. 

However, as the final stretch approaches and 25% of my entire degree is being dragged from under me, I have written a few college survival tips. These manly apply to myself, but I’m sure I’m  not on my own in needing a reminder as to what I should be doing!

Here we go…

  1. Hand write lecture notes of slides after each lecture. No excuses – you do this in no time come exams. So it’s better to get it done early instead of waiting until it’s essentially too late. Fail to prepare, and you will have to prepare to fail.
  2. Start readings – straight away! Just start them! Yes they are rotten! Yes the language is a version of English you don’t understand but get on with it. Do as much reading as you possibly can!
  3. Start assignments – straight away! You actually think you have loads of time but you don’t. Prime example of this… I said I would write this blog post just before going back to college this semester. It’s now after 12 o’clock early Wednesday morning of WEEK 2!!! What have I been doing? Fucking NOTHING!!
  4. Begin group work in week 2. Yes I’m cutting a tight deadline for myself here as I have yet to begin any group work (and it is the week of my birthday – not that I’m making excuses or anything!) But I will succeed, even though I don’t even have fully formed groups yet #determination!
  5. Take notes on papers as you go. Remember to note the key quotes! These are valuable come exam time. Plus you are better off writing anything in your own words than attempting to go through these papers come exam time.
  6. Go through old exam questions. Don’t rely solely on them. Take a broad spectrum and just go for it. If you don’t know the answers then learn them!
  7. Remember it will be worth it – I promise!!



Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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