Chai Seed Pudding

Late night Googling always results in some good food ideas. The latest was chai seed pudding. I have seen loads online but I was never enticed as they tended to look like tapioca. Which for those of you that don’t know is frog’s sperm! Sexy, I know. The usual applied. It had to be simple and mess free and look pretty in an Instagram photo 😊 Check! If you are still stuck back on the thought of frog’s sperm, it actually has the texture and flavour of rice pudding. But it is still super healthy! I topped mine with pomegranate seeds, but any fruit will do.

Chai seeds are a ridiculously good source of dietary fibre, magnesium, calcium and iron. In essence a super food. When you hear how good they are it does help to take the sting out of the price.

  1. Into an airtight ramekin, I mixed a half cup of almond milk and a teaspoon of honey, you can use agave nectar if you want to make this vegan-friendly. Best way to do this is by shaking it vigorously!
  2. Once the honey had mixed through I added three teaspoons of chai seeds and a drop of vanilla essence. Then shake!
  3. Leave in the fridge overnight.
  4. Add whichever fruits and seeds you like.

I found this to be a great snack, but it wasn’t very filling for breakfast time. I’m sure if you upped the quantity it would make a good breakfast. But as the damp winter air lingers around the house, I think I will stick to having hot oats for breakfast. If it gets too cold they may potentially be accompanied by a shot of Bailey’s 😉





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