Crushing it: Part 1

Gary Vaynerchuk. If you haven’t heard of him then Google his name instantly. Follow him on all forms of social media and buy his books. Why? Because “you only get one life”. He is the straight-talking businessman that every entrepreneur aspires to be. It goes beyond the millions in the bank and the brand – it’s the mindset that drives him. He shares a piece of his mind unapologetically and constantly on social media. He is literally dishing out the truth on how to become successful. Whatever you define successful to be.

I want to take one of his first books Crush it! Cash in on your Passion and actually put it into practice and document my successes and failures. He speaks about finding your passion and using social media to publish your content. Also finding the way you are best at publishing your content. Be it through blogging, vlogging or podcasts. He obviously speaks about a lot more, but to me, these are the first, more basic things I have to deal with. What is my passion? I did HR in college, is that my passion? I did a business degree, is business development my passion? I did a nutrition course, is that my passion? I’m a foodie and avid gym go-er, are these my passion? Are they all things I’m seriously passionate about? Lots of things take my interest and make me happy. Some that I am particularly good at, some that I’m not so good at, and I’m sure there are some I think I’m amazing at, that I’m actually hopeless at.So I’ve decided to test out the things I like and see if there is a passion there, see if they cause a fire within me. So some passions are more obvious than others. Like food, I think it’s blatantly obvious I am a foodie. I’m going to give loads of other things a chance to see what other things I may actually have a burning passion for. I might be a foodie yogi knitter. I could be the face of the foodie-yogi-knitter community, let’s see! So I will give loads of things a try. But in the name of moving quickly and having initiative, I will use my intuition and cop-on to determine how long I will pursue each interest for.  As I go along I will try different platforms. I may try to do a blog, vlog and podcast on each.

In terms of how to create or more so publish content, there’s blogging (welcome to my blog), vlogging, and podcasts. These are the core places for content. Yes, there is Snapchat – but that content disappears which isn’t ideal. I suppose you could be an “insta-blogger”, but that’s still blogging. Now to decide which I am best at. This is being written on my blog, which I will continue to pursue. However, I think I’m a hopeless writer in terms of blogging. I think some consistency and reading more blogs would help improve my writing skills.

Time to Fix the Bugs

  • Problem: My writing skills suck!
  • Fix by: Writing more, and reading other blogs.

I tried to make some videos, I didn’t know very much about my camera at the time and I did no research on how to take videos. They were of super short cooking demos. So they were a fail. I have since learned a lot about where I went wrong with them though. So I know I can make big improvements on those. But I could talk for Ireland so vlogging might be for me. I’m definitely a better talker than a writer, I think!

Time to Fix the Bugs

  • Problem: I haven’t tried to vlog.
  • Fix it by: Making my first vlog.

Then there are podcasts. To be completely honest I know very little about these. But I can learn, right? At the moment I’m flat broke. Therefore, I have zero intention on buying any equipment I don’t have. This means podcasts could potentially get the boot. But we’ll see, some research is badly needed before the decision to cut this platform temporarily is made.

Time to Fix the Bugs:

  • Problems: I know nothing about podcasts.
  • Fix it by: Researching podcasts.

I will continue to read on through Gary’s book, and books. I will read and re-read them. I will continue to create posts in relation to them, and I will continue to pursue my passion, and I will crush it! This will probably be one hell of a series of blog posts. My failures and successes will be captured through the different content attempts I am going to be creating. Then I will revert back to this series as I try to develop certain ideas and passions.

For now, I’m off fuckers, tomorrow I am on the pursuit of a paycheck. I have goals and dream jobs. But right now I have to address the cash flow difficulties in the best way possible. So I’m off to sleep before I interview for some part-time roles to keep me ticking over.




Photo by Jonas Svidras on Unsplash

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