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Recently I’ve really been working on expanding my knowledge based, and networking and trying to learn new ways in which I can expand my very neglected blog. I have become part of the Health Bloggers Community which if you have a blog I would highly recommend you follow. They offer a space to learn and connect with other bloggers. A space to feel safe with your writing and some tips and tricks from the trade, as well as events across the UK & Ireland. Go check them out!

Currently I am going through their Pimp My Blog Challenge, which is a free 14 day challenge to strategically improve your blog. I tend to be slow to do these kind of things on my own site as I sometimes use it as a testing site for projects I do with clients. However, I know that in order to showcase what I can do I need my own blog to be looking slick, thus I began this challenge.

Today I am definitely not feeling a mad creative rush and I haven’t been drinking LOL! (I don’t care what anyone says, I’ve had some of my best ideas while drunk!) So maybe now isn’t the time to begin identifying my audience. But! There is no time like the present.

What demographic does my reader fit into. I suppose they are 18 to 50. Somethings I talk about will appeal to the different spectrum of my supposed audience. Based on my current views I don’t like the word audience. But let’s face it I have been a lot busier increasing other peoples traffic and building their brands, which to be honest has been going pretty good.

I like to think my audience is similar to me. Somewhat creative, not very confident with this creativeness and not fully sure what to do with it. I think they are looking for something relatable, that they can follow along with. and refreshing (which is tough to do in this super over saturated market). They are passionate about happiness even though they have not yet achieved it. I think they admire people who are real (local feel) but have made big changes to make their life better. People like Rachel BrathenJennifer RockSophie Hellyer, Lauren Healy and Vicky Shilling.  All influential, and all female, who took a leap of faith and are making a change.

I think I can best nurture to my audience by actually posting. Wow… could you imagine that. I promise my Instagram is way better than my blog has been of late @michellemiie. I could also probably do this by sharing my journey, which is what my Instagram and blog were always intended for. My journey right now is a bit crazy. I want to lose the silly weight I gained. Why?? Because jeans are expensive ladies… and right now mine don’t fit! Plus, it’s making me unhappy and my mantra for the last 2 years has been one of happiness. I will need a new job soon as my contract will be coming to a close soon and right now their is no other role I can fill that will light my soul on fire. By posting and speaking about this I think I may potentially inspire somebody else, if not, I will just motivate myself.

I am super glad I wrote this post. I know a lot more actions will have to come from this. But I am committing to starting again. For this post I want to thank Lauren Healy, for her Nutrition Rebooted talk where I got to meet the next person I want to thank. Vicky Shilling for introducing me to the world of the Health Blogger Community whcih resulted in this post.




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